Monday, 26 November 2012

Club Penguin: Operation Blackout Glitch Cheat!

final hideout cheat Club Penguin: Operation Blackout Glitch Cheat!
Hey everyone! A friend of mine on Club Penguin named “Dundurs” showed me an amazing cheat/glitch this morning that lets you access the final computer in Herbert’s lair over a week early!
It’s a really cool cheat that will take you a few tries, but will be totally worth it when you can show your friends what an awesome penguin you are by being able to get into the final area so early and you can show them how to do it too! Check me out on the right with Dundurs! Awesome right?
Instead of trying to explain it to you by typing or with pictures, I figured a video would be the best way to do it. I give a detailed slow-motion explanation on how to do it. Have fun!!
UPDATE (11/22): If you do the glitch now, you can complete the Operation Blackout and find out who the director of the EPF is! You can’t get the final item still, but the video is awesome!

Saturday, 17 November 2012


If you are trying to track down Herbert, have you log in on Sunday to server Blizzard at 11am PST or Big Surf at 2:30pm PST!

Friday, 16 November 2012

New Free Club Penguin Code – Nov 16 – Pirate’s Coat

Hey Club Penguin Insiders! We have some great Club Penguin Cheats for you today! There’s a new  Club Penguin Code  that will give a free clothing item to all you non-members for a Pirate Coat! They are from the November issue of the Club Penguin Spanish Magazine. Anyone can use them, whether you’re a member or not, so go ahead! Thanks to 1999bloo for the codes!

Here is the new Club Penguin Codes:
  • UNPIRATA – Pirate’s Coat
All you have to do to enter the code is click the “Unlock Items Online” on the bottom left of Club Penguin, log in, and then click “I have a code” and type it in.

Club Penguin Operation Blackout Catalog Cheat

Club Penguin has released the brand new Operation Blackout Catalog, which you can find at quite a few places over the island such as the Beach, the Dock, and the Lighthouse. To find the catalog all you have to do is:
  1. Log into Club Penguin, open up your Map, and select the Dock.
  2.  Click the sheet of paper on the bottom right corner of the screen.
There happens to be one cheat in the catalog, the cheat is shown in the screenshots below:

Enjoy the Operation, and good luck locating Herbert! Check out  this tracker  to find Herbert in no time!

Club Penguin Weather Report For Operation Blackout Video!

Club Penguin has released a new video on their official Youtube channel. It is styled as a news broadcast where Herbert takes over Club Penguin, renaming it “Club Herbert” and naming himself the illustrious leader supreme, Herbert P. Bear. Over the next few days, Herbert’s laser will steal all of the sunlight and Club Penguin will become heavily snowed in. The newscaster gives EPF agents a hint on what needs to be done for today’s EPF mission to infiltrate Herbert’s lair.

Club Penguin Hidden Pin — Heavy Weights Pin Cheat!

Club Penguin has hidden the newest pin cheat for November 2012 (second pin for November) — the Heavy Weights Pin!
Use these Club Penguin Cheats to get the Heavy Weights Pin (released November 15,2012):
  1. Pull up your map in Club Penguin and click on the “Plaza”.
  2. Waddle into the new Dance Club (Night Club).
  3. Waddle into the speaker on the upper left which will open up to reveal a ladder.
  4. Click the pin on the lower left!
Club Penguin must want our penguins to lift the heavy weights to be the strongest EPF agents we can be so we can thwart Herbert’s Operation Blackout!!

Check Out Herbert’s Background Gift

As most of you know, Herbert is now a “meetable” mascot in Club Penguin and we are tracking Herbert here on Club Penguin Insiders! He’ll  be visiting Club Penguin and you’ll be able to meet him for the next two weeks during Operation Blackout. When you find Herbert, you’ll get a stamp in your stamp book for being in the same room as him.
Herbert Tracker
Make sure to click him and add him to your friend list and also click the Gift Box icon on his playercard to get the new background, shown above. This may be the only time that Herbert visits Club Penguin for quite some time, so make sure to use our Herbert Tracker for your best chance at meeting Herbert!