Monday, 26 November 2012

Club Penguin: Operation Blackout Glitch Cheat!

final hideout cheat Club Penguin: Operation Blackout Glitch Cheat!
Hey everyone! A friend of mine on Club Penguin named “Dundurs” showed me an amazing cheat/glitch this morning that lets you access the final computer in Herbert’s lair over a week early!
It’s a really cool cheat that will take you a few tries, but will be totally worth it when you can show your friends what an awesome penguin you are by being able to get into the final area so early and you can show them how to do it too! Check me out on the right with Dundurs! Awesome right?
Instead of trying to explain it to you by typing or with pictures, I figured a video would be the best way to do it. I give a detailed slow-motion explanation on how to do it. Have fun!!
UPDATE (11/22): If you do the glitch now, you can complete the Operation Blackout and find out who the director of the EPF is! You can’t get the final item still, but the video is awesome!

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